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The Top Reason For Seeing An Orthodontist

The top reason for seeing an orthodontisQODC1t is the same for adults and kids: to treat malocclusion or a “bad bite.”


People tend to have low self-esteem when it comes to their teeth. Often times, this stems from neglected dental issues such as misaligned teeth. Orthodontists are dentists specialized in treating misaligned teeth by realigning crooked teeth into a beautiful smile. This can work wonders and lead to a confident smile and a happier you.


That said, the top reason people visit the orthodontist is to fix a malocclusion, commonly called “bad bite.” Types of malocclusions include:
– Under-bites
– Over-bites
– Open-bites
– Overjet (or overlapping) teeth
– Cross-bites
– Spacing issues
– Irregular jaw growth (common in children)
– Problematic tooth development (common in children)\


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