Dr. Eiman Khalili

Dr. Eiman Khalili is Our Endodontist.  He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University where he also completed the Advanced Education Program of Endodonics. Upon completion of his Endodontic residency at NYU, he relocated to Midwest where he practiced full-time for about two year before moving to the area.

Dr. Khalili enjoys working with patients to help them feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after their dental procedure.  Patients are often nervous before having root canals or other dental works, but Dr. Khalili is able to help them feel comfortable so they have a much better experience. Nothing makes him happier than hearing patients tell him how happy they are with the pain relief they experience after working with him.

Dr. Khalili prides himself on building strong relationships with his clients and using cutting edge technology to help ensure the best possible results and highest client satisfaction.  One thing that really differentiates Dr. Khalili as a dental professional is how he is able to provide excellent client service throughout the entire process. He talks with patients early in the process to answer questions and explain the procedure and then follows up with them after the procedure to ensure they are happy with the results. Dr. Khalili is very passionate about the work that he does and that is evident in the way he works with patients and in the high quality dental results he is able to provide.

In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, traveling, horseback riding, swimming and spending time with his family and friends.